How Can We Help You Acheive Optimal Health And Wellness?

You are our client.  We are passionate about offering the finest personal attention and medical care to our guests. Melinda Hughes PA-C spends significant time with each guest in order to understand the causes of their symptoms and educate them about the solutions. It may seem unusual to spend a large amount of time exploring symptoms with your provider, but this is our standard practice.

How do we do it?  We begin your evaluation with a review of your comprehensive health history. Your lifestyle and symptoms are explored extensively. A pertinent physical examination is performed.  Directed laboratory studies provide additional essential data. We will discuss with you our recommendations for your comprehensive plan to strengthen your immune system and increase your energy level.

A sample of our Treatment Regimens:

1)Bio-Identical Thyroid Hormone Supplementation

2)Bio-Identical Female Sex Hormone Replacement

3)Bio - Identical Male Sex Hormone Replacement

4)Adrenal Fatigue Support

5)Vitamin and Mineral Supplementation

6)Weight Loss

7)Ondamed pulsed electromagnetic frequency therapy

8)Digestive Health